Justin & Arquimides | Minneapolis Elopement at Semple Mansion

Arquimides and Justin's Semple Mansion elopement in Minneapolis was perfectly "short and sweet."  Only by their parents, Leslie of Ceremonies by Positively Charmed, and myself were in attendance.  When you remove all the must haves, to do lists, blogs, magazines and external expectations and pressures, what's left is the good stuff: each other, and a marriage in the making.

Here was Arq's summary of what I could expect at their elopement: "Quick, to the point, meaningful, fun, easy."  To me, this is perfect!  There are no rules!  Do what most speaks to you as a couple - I'm all for authenticity!  And simplicity, but that's just me. ;)

Arq filled me in on their story in our initial emails: Justin and Arq met almost six years ago and dated long distance for the first 1.5 years of their relationship.  Then Justin moved to Los Angeles, CA so they could live together.  They've lived in Los Angeles for the last four years. In 2015, they got engaged in Napa, CA and have been putting off planning a wedding for the last three years.  Justin got a new job in Minneapolis so they recently moved to pursue that opportunity.  Justin's mom just moved to the area too to be near her son.  She'd been in Minneapolis just five days prior to their elopement.

Leslie of Ceremonies by Positively Charmed and Positively Charmed Boutique Decor performed the ceremony, did the mantle decor, and (I believe) pretty much arranged/planned the whole thing together with the couple!  A one-woman wonder, that Leslie!  Plus she has best laugh and just breathes warmth wherever she goes.

I came into the picture just a couple weeks ahead of time.  Arq and I emailed back and forth to discuss the schedule of events, who would be there, and what role they would like photography to play.  For example, would we be doing family portraits, photos of the couple before the ceremony or after or both, any dinner/second location coverage, what were their priorities, and so on.  They wanted an hour of coverage total.  We got so much covered in that time.  Ring shots included!

It was so fun to be the photographer for Arq and Justin's wedding.  I wish them ALL the best on their adventures in marriage and Minneapolis! xo