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General FAQs



+ What’s your style?

It’s actually tricky for me to attach words to it because it’s just how I am, but here’s what comes to mind: real life, minimal, simple, clean, light, lasting, and of course: natural, unexpected, artfully edgy.

+ What are your rates?

  • Portrait sessions (baby, couples, headshots, etc.) start at $350 for an hour

  • Hourly event and commercial rate $350

  • Wedding collections start at $3,900 and include start-to-finish items

  • Mini sessions are available for headshots (always) and portrait specials (occasionally) for $175

If you have any questions at all, please reach out!

+ Do you have a studio?

Yes, my studio is in NE Minneapolis. There’s a natural-light, white-walls portrait area; a spot for studio-lit portraits against white, gray, or black paper; dressing room; plus a meeting/lounging space. It’s great for consultations and a variety of sessions and styles both inside and outside.

Photographers: the studio is available to rent hourly - just send me a note.

+ What should we wear to our portrait session?

Know that these are more guidelines than rules, and all can be successfully disregarded.

The key is just be and dress like you! That said, here are some tips:

We want to keep the focus on you or the little ones, so avoid distracting or busy colors and patterns. Go easy on white. Coordinate and compliment, certainly, but there’s no need to match. Kids can pull off bright, bold colors, but otherwise similar earthy tones are safe. Add a pop of color for some flair if you like, and texture is great for black and white images. Always, always wear something you’re comfortable and feel good in.

+ What should I wear for my headshot?

Number 1 Tip: Wear something you feel good in! This takes precedence over everything else. But if you'd like more guidance...

Avoid very bright colors (magenta, etc.). Avoid large blocks of white. A white shirt under a jacket or blazer is great.

Please lint roll!

Glasses vs, no glasses? Personal preference. LMK if you'd like a mix of both options.

Fitness watches, hair binders on wrists, etc. may show. Remove anything you don't want included.

95% of fashion/accessory/jewelry questions are personal preference (my observation and not a real statistic), so go with what you feel good in! See Number 1 Tip above. :)

+ Will you tell me how to pose? What happens during the session?

I’ll let you know what to do, where to look, etc. That’s my job! I call this “light direction.” I’ll help you look amazing and natural. At the same time, I’m always happy to work with your preferences and suggestions.

+ How do I book a session?

Just get in touch to start! We’ll swap info and get something on the calendar! We’ll take care of a quick contract and payment when booking to reserve your spot. I can take cash, check, or card. I’ll always confirm details a few days prior. Then it’s session time - woohoo!

+ What if I need to reschedule? What if the weather is icky?

Portrait sessions can be rescheduled due to weather or illness. A 24-hour notice is appreciated. We’ll reschedule based on availability. Two non-weather-related reschedules are allowed, based on availability.

A rainy or snowy wedding, on the other hand? Bring it on! Safety and your preferences prevail of course, but I’ll happily get you out (with umbrellas) to capture a moody, romantic, magical feel.

+ What if you get sick?

Knock on wood, I’ve never been too sick to shoot a wedding or event. That bar is set so high (hospital/emergency room-high) that I will do everything in my power to be there. In a case where I just can not, I’d then do everything in my power to find you a comparable replacement from the wonderful photography groups and associations I’m affiliated with. When there’s a second photographer, they’d likely step up as the lead, and we’d find a new second. The other photographers I work with are also professional, experienced, fellow business-owners.



+ When will I see the pictures? What if I need them right away?

Portrait and event images are ready in 1-2 weeks. Expedited 3-day and next day turnaround are available add-ons.

+ What’s a viewing session?

Viewing sessions are in-studio consultations where you’ll see your images for the first time. They’re also a time to review print and product collections, lay out an order, select a book option, or plan any next steps. These are super helpful for comparing images side-by-side, seeing them in color vs. black-and-white, and answering questions. You’ll receive your digital negatives and online gallery login following the viewing session. Viewing sessions are optional.

+ What’s the difference between “lightly edited” and “finalized/enhanced”?

“Lightly edited” images are color-corrected, brightened, cropped, or otherwise lightly adjusted as needed; a “finalized” or “enhanced” image is really spiffed up: eyes brightened, under-eyes lightened, teeth whitened, blemishes and stray hairs removed, skin softened, “Exit” signs or other distractions removed, and so on. All adjustments will enhance but not drastically change the subject. All prints, enlargements, books, Art Images and other products are always fully finalized.

+ Do you use Photoshop? How MUCH photoshop?

All finalization adjustments will enhance but not drastically change the subject.

+ Do I have to order prints through you? Should I?

You don’t have to, but you sure can. If printing elsewhere, I suggest using a real photo printing company vs. a supermarket/drug store. The advantage to printing through me - aside from accurate colors, contrast, and a matte finish - is that all prints, enlargements, books, Art Images and other products are always fully finalized.

+ Do you archive our images?

I archive for one year from the session date. Though I would love to keep everything always, unfortunately changing and imperfect technology make that tricky. If you have suffered a catastrophic loss of your photo library, please let me know and I’ll do everything I can to help.

+ Can I refer or review Lauren B. Photography?

Referrals are the best compliment I could ask for! Word of mouth is huge! I’m so grateful for your referrals and reviews. If you get a chance, please write a review on Google, Wedding Wire, LinkedIn and/or Facebook – thank you, thank you!



+ I know you photograph x but do you also do y?

I do just about everything except product/still life photography (as of now). Feel free to reach out for:

  • Maternity Portraits
  • Newborn Photography
  • Baby & Child Portraits
  • Family Sessions
  • Senior Portraits
  • Headshots for Corporate and Business Professionals as well as Actors
  • Event Photography
  • Photo Stations or “Step & Repeat” Events
  • Commercial Photography
  • Theater Photography: Press Shots, Dress Rehearsals, Headshots, Events
  • Weddings
  • Boudoir Photography
  • Fine Art and Commission Work

+ Do you do video?

I don’t, but my husband can help you with that through AVEX, and I can also recommend talented wedding videographers - just ask!

+ Are you on social media?

Why, yes I am! Instagram & Facebook. I’m bad at Pinterest and don’t tweet - ah, well.

+ What if I have a different question?

Just fill out the contact form or email me at lb@laurenbfalk.com and I’ll answer it.



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Wedding FAQs

+ What’s a “chapter” and how is this different than hourly coverage?

A chapter is one portion of your day, such as “getting ready” or “first dance.” I base my collections on chapters instead of hours because it’s a win-win-win: you’re not rushed to fit everything into a set number of hours, we can take our time calmly and completely documenting your day, and your image collection and book will reflect the most well-crafted moments..

+ Is an engagement session included?

Yes, and I recommend one! Just have the experience. You’ll see what that “light direction” feels and looks like, and we’ll just get a chance to hang out and get a feel for each other’s style prior to the wedding day.

+ Is there a second photographer? Do we need one?

Some weddings should definitely have a second, and some (in my opinion) can go without. Either way, a second photographer will help fill out your candid collection, and cover alternate viewpoints and areas. My top two wedding collections include a second photographer.

Events: when a second or even third photographer is needed, I’m happy to arrange them.

+ Do you offer wedding books?

Yes! I think it’s important to have a physical representation of your wedding day - something substantial you can hold. All wedding collections include a custom-designed fine art coffee table book. Engagement and “parent” replica books are also available.

+ When will my wedding pictures be ready?

In 6-8 weeks, but almost always sooner. Engagement sessions have a 1-2 week turnaround time.