Olson Family | Minneapolis Portrait Photographer | Fall Family Photos

Oh my goodness this fall family photos session at Coldwater Spring in Minneapolis was so fun!  These two little ladies are some of the cutest, funniest, most adventurous little ones I've ever photographed!  Jozie and Zaylee had me in stitches the whole time with their crazy poses, big grins, and high flying stunts (with a little help from dad Devin).  Mom Zoe chose this spot for their fall family session.  It's very near where we both live, and right next to the dog park I go to nearly daily.  It was fun to visit with portraits in mind, as it had been years since I'd actually photographed here.

We always do family portraits that include everyone during a session.  I especially love getting all the breakdowns, too: sisters together, mom with each daughter, dad with each daughter, dad with both girls, mom with both girls, etc. to showcase those unique individual relationships too.  These quiet or goofy or sweet or active or giggly moments help to tell a family's whole story.

Zoe and I have worked together for many many... many(!) years - and thrown in a few sushi gatherings in there too!  Her amazing photo editing and color correcting talent has been a game changer in my photography career.  She color corrects (and processes RAW files into jpgs) all my weddings, and now nearly all sessions of any kind as well.  She's way better at it than I am! :)  She's also the "Photoshop Guru" I turn to and reference to clients who have edits beyond my comfort level.  She can do amazing things, both with a computer and with furniture, as she owns and excels at two endeavors: Izzy Images and All Dressered Up.  Needless to say, Zoe works with lots of talented photographers, and it was an honor to photograph her family this past fall.