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New Arrival Collection: Walter

Walter is the newest graduate of the New Arrival Collection.  He had three portrait sessions in his first year (typically 1-2 weeks, 6-8 months, and then around the first birthday).  He also receives a 4x6 20-image Art Book combining all three sessions.  Let's see what's in store for this little guy...

Walter was born on October 9th last year - a lovely day for a birthday and I'm happy to share it! :)  I met Walter and his parents for this session and we learned we had more in common than a birthday and love for Lake Nokomis.  Walter's dad Drew works in the event industry as well, for one.

I try to do newborn sessions in the first two weeks after baby's arrival.  This isn't required of course, but it's nice to capture your baby while he still curls up tight and is quite, well, moldable - before those neck and leg muscles strengthen and make plans of their own.  I also prefer to do these session in the baby's home, with his things, your style, and the comforts and conveniences of home all around.  Mine is more of a real life, no fuss, minimalistic, baby-focused approach.


And in the blink of an eye, Walter was 6 months old!  We did these portraits at my Northeast Minneapolis studio, where he gave us little smirks on the couch, little smirks on a beanbag, giggles in the air, and snuggles wrapped in Mom's arms.

The changes babies go through in that first year are nothing shy of profound.  Every time I check in with a little one as part of the New Arrival Collection, I'm blown away by the entirely new person they've become.  Around 6-8 months is a good time for this middle session. Stage over age:  For this middle session, I like to set the timing based on the little one's stage, not so much on their exact age, so typically this one happens when baby is "fairly solidly sitting up."


Walter is one!  (And I'm a year older too - oof.)  Here's the little guy and his family of three at Lake Nokomis.

The one year session usually happens right around baby's birthday - because they're ONE!  The stage over age here (when it aligns) is "fairly solidly standing."  I've seen the rare runner at this point too - crazy!  And exhausting! :)

It was a blustery fall day at the lake, but we still got smiles and snuggles!

Congrats little graduate Walter!  Thanks so much for letting me document your first year!