FlannelJax's Commercial Shoot | St. Paul Commercial & Event Photographer

Check out all the axe throwing during this commercial photography shoot at FlannelJax's in St. Paul! 

Complete with professional models, FlannelJax's employees and management, Solo cups, and All The Plaid, this shoot was perfect for a Monday in September.  Commercial shoots really do come in all shapes and sizes, but I have to say one that involved axes, saws, and hammers was a first for me.  Game on!

My commercial photography style is definitely more of a "lifestyle" feel - natural light, real life (maybe slightly jazzed up), and closer to photojournalism than studio perfection and precision.  For comparison, the type of commercial work I don't specialize in is products (in a light box or on a table) or models in the studio with studio lighting and assembly-line style shooting - not my forte.

So when Metal Supermarkets asked to come on for this project, I was all for it!  I got to photograph people throwing axes, sawing wood, hammering nails into logs, and just generally having fun and goofing around.  That window light was so lovely, too!  Again, not a bad Monday. :)

FlannelJax's would be a great spot in St. Paul for team building, happy hour-ing, hanging out with friends or colleagues, celebrating a birthday, etc.  Or you can join their league - and become a real life lumberjack (ok, maybe not that last part, but you'll get closer).  Check them out!

If you're interested in booking a commercial shoot for your location, business, profession, or endeavor, get in touch!  I'd love to learn more about your project, what you have in mind, and talk through ideas.  Knowing what look and feel you're going for, and even starting to think about a shot list can be helpful.  I'll help out as best I can; and can certainly refer out if we find I'm not the best fit for what you have in mind.  Let's chat!