James & Sarah Proposal | Minnehaha Falls Minneapolis Engagement Photography

This real life proposal in action at Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis was so lovely!  It was a little chilly and a little nerve wracking waiting and watching for the couple (who I hadn't met ahead of time) walking a black and white dog with a red bandana along the path overlooking the falls.  There were a lot of couples.  And a lot of couples with dogs.  And a few couples with a black dog, white dog, or black AND white dog walking by.  I waited, trying to stay seemingly busy, somewhat hidden, and pretending to photograph "the view."  I finally spotted James and Sarah and Josie with the red bandana.

Pup Josie got to be in on the action!  James used "adjusting her bandana" as a reason to bend down on one knee.  He'd written "Will You Marry Me" on it, and flipped it up for Sarah to see.  She was surprised and of course said Yes!  After the proposal moment had its chance to play out, I approached the couple and introduced myself.  We made some portraits of the two of them, the ring, bandana, and of course Josie the accomplice.

Quick personal story: when my husband proposed, he'd handed his phone to someone nearby to record a video.  She tried to keep it hidden behind her arm so I wouldn't see.  I didn't notice her filming at all, but unfortunately the video focused on her arm instead of on us.  We're very blurred in the background.  We also can't be heard over the hum of the coffeeshop.  Oops, lesson learned. ;)

A proposal is one of the most priceless moments I'm asked to document from time to time, and I love each time so much.  To help plan and execute, be in on the surprise, feel their anticipation, and deliver the memories of this monumental moment - I mean, what can I say?  It's the best!  I love that the proposer has the forethought and consideration to arrange a photographer to document this exciting stage of their relationship from the moment it kicks off.