Lila's New Arrival Collection | Minneapolis In-Home Baby Portraits

Little Lila has had her second session (6 months) and third session (one year) of the New Arrival Collection (three portrait sessions in baby's first year plus a 4x6 20-image Art Book).  All sessions were in Minneapolis and featured parents (and originally wedding clients) Sarah and Jeff, and of course their sweet pup Luna.

To start at the beginning of the first year portrait collection, out Lila's Minneapolis in-home newborn portrait session - so stinking cute!

For her six month session, we were at the family's Minneapolis home (we live nearby each other and have crossed paths around the lake on happy occasion).  I love love love these light colors and Lila's laughing bright eyes!  At about six months old, I'm hoping to document the baby's developing individual personality, and show them sitting up, finding their feet (this is a bonus - thanks Lila!), laying on their back and propped up on their tummy, and with their special people and animals.  I think we got it all here.  Those giggles!

Moving right along to Lila's one year portrait session over last holiday season at my Northeast Minneapolis studio.  This is the third of her New Arrival Collection sessions.  There are those bright smiling eyes again - and the giggles - man oh man!

Whether walking, standing, or holding on to furniture/a hand/etc,, one year old sessions are fun to do on location somewhere.  By that point, we've typically done one or two sessions in the baby's home, so a change of scenery can be nice.  In comparison, I like doing 5 months and younger sessions in the home.  It's nice to incorporate the baby's and your items and style, and it's more dynamic than laying a baby on a blanket in grass here, then in grass over there, and so on.  We can - and do - definitely go outside your home when the weather is baby-safe.  Then at one year (and sometimes 6 months) baby can spread their wings wider.