Lorna & Tim | Northeast Minneapolis Winter Engagement Session

Lorna and Tim embraced the Minnesota winter for their engagement session last year, but we started cozy and warm inside my Northeast Minneapolis studio.  After photographing the couple in two different outfits inside, we ventured outside, looped around the studio building, and wrapped at the HAPPINESS sign in front of SiP Coffeebar right across the street.  We captured so much variety in just that small area: a couple of outfit changes, the simple minimal studio walls, playing in a snow laden field, snuggling in front of an industrial brick building, and incorporating urban art all in one session!

Lorna and Tim just got married this September (which can sometimes still feel like summer), and I always recommend doing an engagement couple's session during a season other than your wedding, to shake it up a bit.  Two outfits is also nice to add some variety and personality to your session.  Quick and easy outfit changes sometimes happen in the car, but it's worth it (and sure makes the studio's tiny dressing room feel like a luxury)! :)  Adding an accessory can jazz things up a bit as well - Lorna and Tim had their winter hats, sometimes wearing them outside and sometimes not.  They look so great, don't they?! :)

So much of what you wear is personal preference, but I'm happy to offer a photographic opinion if it helps (and when I have one... otherwise I'll just let you know it's personal preference).  I do have a quick "What to Wear?" FAQ on the website though with a similar attitude.  Here's what it says:

Know that all these guidelines can be [and all have been!] successfully broken. The key is just be and dress like you!  That said, here are some tips: Avoid distracting or busy colors and patterns, or lots of white.Coordinate and compliment, but no need to match.Similar earthy tones are safe, add a pop of color for some flair if you like, and texture is great for black and white images.  Always, always wear something you’re comfortable and feel good in.Two outfits – one casual and one a bit nicer – is great for variety.