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A Wedding Photo Book is an amazing way to enjoy your printed wedding photos for years to come.

I'm a firm advocate of printing your pictures.  Having actual, physical prints in an album or frames or box is so much more powerful than a digital folder on your computer or phone (those are important too, of course, and nice for when you're on the go or sharing with others).  Once you've got a number of photographs you want to keep, print them!  Not only to have images in more than one place for security*, but for something tangible, something you can pick up and hold and flip through.  Preserving those memorable times in your life, there's just something special about that.

Digital Files are Still Great!

*Saving digital images to more than one place and more than one device is crucial too.  I'm sure we've all heard, if not experienced ourselves, a lost / broken / stolen / corrupt ... cell phone / thumb drive / hard drive / computer / CD / DVD / whathaveyou.  It can be devastating to lose those digital photographs and videos, so my recommendation is back up and then back up your back up!  External hard drives are becoming more and more affordable - terabytes and terabytes, can you believe it?!  Added bonus: you'll probably have to filter through and thin out your photos down to the best of the best (we take 10 but need/want maybe 2 typically, right?).  #tidying :)

Ok rant over.  In line with this value of mine...

A custom-designed, fine art Coffee Table Book is included in every Wedding Collection.  I thoughtfully pre-design each book to be clean, classic, straight-forward, and timeless.  Pages are either in color, true black and white, or a slight brown tone (not as saturated as sepia, more subtle).  Then we work closely together to make sure it's exactly how you want it - a true reflection of both you and your wedding.  You have an unlimited number of changes to get us there.  The wedding books you receive is made with the finest archival materials by an American company I've used since starting my business.

Here are just a couple of examples of the wedding books chosen by real life couples.

Taylor & Jesse  | 10x10 silver sparkly wedding book

Taylor & Jesse | 10x10 silver sparkly wedding book

Peggy & Mike | 10x10 green garden leather cover

Peggy & Mike | 10x10 green garden leather cover

A couple others...

A couple others...