Emily & Ryan | Minneapolis Couple's Session at Guthrie & Gold Medal Park

Not an engagement or anniversary session, just one to celebrate another huge milestone in their lives.

When Emily and Ryan got in touch about doing a portrait session, they'd been married for seven years and had just moved back to Minnesota for work.  They wanted to capture this new Minneapolis stage of their relationship adventure in a fall couple's session.  We highlighted their new surroundings: Gold Medal Park, the Guthrie Theater, and the surrounding area.  We bonded over dogs and cookies, and it was such a treat to meet these two new Minnesotans!

The Session

We kicked off Emily and Ryan's couples portrait session at the Guthrie Theater.  They donned dressier outfits to start as we perused around there for a bit, including outside on the Endless Bridge.  Then they changed into a more casual look (more like their natural state, Emily noted), grabbed their pups, and we headed back out to Gold Medal Park for some "full family" shots.  A quick stop at the dual-colored wall of Izzy's Ice Cream right by there was a must, too.  And because I've said a few times, "If you're not tired and dirty at the end of a portrait session then you're not done," we wrapped with them laying on the ground in the fall leaves.  It's a good digression - or, progression perhaps - to start formal with my posing suggestions to match, then go casual and my posing suggestions shift (more sitting on the ground, casual and lounge-y positions), and finally, just get on in there and roll in the leaves.  Because we're adults and we can!

Another perk to being an adult?  You can decide to do a portrait session for any or no reason at all!  Celebrating 7 years of marriage?  Yes!  Got a new fur-baby?  Of course!  Just want to get spruced up with your honey and have proof?  Absolutely!  There are no rules, so why not go for it!  If perhaps you're not quite ready for a full-fledged portrait session, mini session specials are an easy-entry option I offer usually twice a year or so.  Those are just 20 minutes but still plenty of time for variety and lots of great images.  Either way, don't hesitate to check in and bookmark your life photographically once in a while - I'd love to help make it happen!

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