Harold at 4 AND 5 | St. Anthony Main, Lyndale Park Peace Garden

Harolds kids 4 year old preschool photo session was so much fun!  This little guy gets me Every. Single. Time.  What a hoot!  Not that I need to advertise it, but here's proof that I've gotten behind on blog posting (just a tiny bit behind)... but lucky us!  Double the fun: here are Harold's 4 year old session at St. Anthony Main and the Stone Arch Bridge, AND his 5 year old session at Lyndale Park Peace (Rock) Garden, both in Minneapolis for this Minneapolis family.

Laura is (I'm not exaggerating) the best at keeping up with portrait sessions of her family and documenting Harold's childhood at least once a year, usually more.  She's also arranged for all of Harold's grandparents and his aunt, uncle, and cousin to get in on sessions while they've been in town, too.  I'm sure many of us can vouch for preserving memories of and with all the special people in our life - every chance we get!  It's also important and a kindness, I think, for parents to get in some pictures with their children - those children will be grateful later that you did!

Here, Harold is 4 years old and his birthday/family combo portrait session was perfectly executed at St. Anthony Main and the Stone Arch Bridge, a iconic spot parents Laura and Elliot frequented.  So. Much. Laughter.  And those snuggles with Hobbes - I mean, are you kidding me?!  Pup Bella came along for the session too - a fur sibling through and through.

And if you're not overwhelmed by cuteness yet, here Harold is a year later, at age FIVE - how is that possible?!  This time we're back to Lyndale Park Peace (Rock) Garden in Minneapolis (probably my top pick spot for family and kid portrait sessions that want a nature element).  We've done a session here before, for Harold's one year portraits - my the time flies!  Pup Bella didn't make it to this one - it was a steamy Memorial Day morning and too hot for a pup.  The rest of us braved the heat, though, and got that beautiful hazy quality of light that only hot, hot days bring - to make it all worth it.

But can we talk about those sunglasses for a sec?! :)