Meet Baby Tristan | Minnesota Newborn & Baby Photography

Baby Tristan arrived a couple months ago, and here is how adorable he was brand new at his newborn portrait session in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  What a sweet little guy!  I love focusing on a baby's expressions, little hands and feet and nose, and just capture the simple beauty and wonder of it all.  Some props like a special blanket or hat, especially if it has meaning or sentimental value, are great to include, but otherwise keeping it simple with onesies and wraps really helps to focus on the baby himself.  This is real life after all! Mom Ashley and Dad Matt started out as wedding clients (married at Ambiente Gallerie in May of 2014) and since then, I've been so lucky to stay in touch with them via puppy mini sessions and even a dog-themed baby announcement!  But Ashley and I go way back - to high school - so it's such a treat to be able to stay in touch and photographically follow all these exciting stages!

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