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Has your family grown lately?  Looking for updated photos before those little ones get any bigger?  Now's the time to come into the Minneapolis studio for baby and family portraits!  More info

Charity first came into the Northeast Minneapolis studio last year for a family portrait session with little Andre when she was pregnant with Armani.  Now Andre is 4 years old and Armani is 9 months old!  It was so great to have them back in for an updated - and much changed! - family portrait session.  Charity's mom, sister, and nephew have come along to both sessions, too, for moral support and extra hands - always great to have a team working and helping behind the scenes!

We played around both inside the natural light studio and outside around the building.  Andre even got to take a few photos of his mom and brother with my camera (and just a little bit of help)!  The studio is a great rain or cold-weather plan - and if the weather is nice, we can do both inside and outside portraits.  Aside from any seasonal clothing, photographing inside helps keep the images fairly timeless and applicable year-round (vs. a fall leaves session, for example).  Having a dressing room in the studio and restroom right across the hall is nice too for any unexpected spills or, well, baby messes.  None here though - Armani was a top-notch professional model! :)

Parents, please don't shy away from jumping in a few of the portraits during your kid's session.  I love focusing on just the little ones, too, of course, but why not document the whole team while you're there?!  You can always not choose them, I say, but why not take them?  The interaction that naturally (or with my light direction) transpires between family members is priceless!  And it's those (well-lit and well-posed) candid moments that really pull the heart strings and capture the moment beautifully.  Your kids will love and appreciate you for it - if not at the time, then certainly years down the road.  Within a portrait session, we can always do the whole family, kids together and individually, and breakdowns of parent with each kid, and so on.  Always good to have options!