2.4.16 Element Industry Fleet Summit | OCMG | Radisson Blu MOA Event Photography

The Element Industry Fleet Summit, executed by the Orlando Conference Management Group at the Radisson Blu Hotel Mall of America (my third year photographing it, I think) is a perfect way of combining an event with headshots.  When you have clients, employees, etc. all in one place, why not get them an updated, professional, streamlined, consistent headshot.  Contact me for more information or to talk about how this can work at your event.  The Element Fleet Summit does it up every year with parody music videos featuring their team leaders and business execs, highly celebrated awards, and awesome entertainment - this year was no exception!  Here are the highlights. 160201 ElementHsts 258-Edit

160204 ElementIFS 002-Edit

160204 ElementIFS 018-Edit

160204 ElementIFS 032-Edit

160204 ElementIFS 081-Edit

160204 ElementIFS 120-Edit

160204 ElementIFS 136-Edit