Headshots! | Minnesota Studio and On-Location Headshot Photography

Having a current, professional headshot to make your best first impression is SO important, whether for work, LinkedIn, creative endeavors, theater, or just to replace an outdated one.  I know I'm biased, of course, but also right. ;) Feel free to inquire if you're interested in updating your personal headshot, need office or company portraits, or want to include this as an option at an event or convention.  There are many ways to go about getting a professional, consistent, engaging look for you or your business.

Here are recent headshots of people with creative to corporate backgrounds (not that those are mutually exclusive, of course!), and photographed in studio, in office, at an event, or on location.  Thanks so much for looking!


Brett of Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios, for her updated professional, Lady Boss business owner headshot :)

160302 BrettHsts 041-Edit

160302 BrettHsts 088-Edit

160302 BrettHsts 095-Edit


Marika, wanting an updated headshot for acting auditions and current work

160106 MarikaHsts 060-Edit

160106 MarikaHsts 038-Edit

160106 MarikaHsts 008-Edit


John, needing a current headshot for work's website

160129 JohnBHsts 021-Edit

160129 JohnBHsts 032-Edit


Ayla, breaking into the acting/modeling

151125 AylaHsts 010-Edit

151125 AylaHsts 038-Edit


Resa, updating headshots for her touring theater company

151124 ResaSHsts 004-Edit

151124 ResaSHsts 007-Edit


JoAnn & Steve needed new headshot-type commercial images that were not just "standard."  We did both a casual and formal look so they have lots of variety for multiple uses.  Together they perform and lead tours for the American Cruise Lines.

150916 JoAnn&Steve 048-Edit

150916 JoAnn&Steve 059-Edit

150916 JoAnn&Steve 038-Edit


Mike, updating headshots for auditions and his many theater-related positions including director, fight coordinator, lighting and tech designer, company member/co-owner, and more.

151212 MikeKHsts 001-bw

151212 MikeKHsts 022-Edit


Pari, for Hays Companies

160217 PariHays 002-Edit


Tom, mini session in studio for profession press releases, etc. regarding his non-profit organization, Relapsing Polychondritis Awareness and Support Foundation, Inc.

151029 TomCHds EDIT-028

151029 TomCHds EDIT-007