Kirby's Dance Shoot | Personal Studio Project | Individual Study

My friend Kirby wanted some unique and beautiful shots showing her ability, and promoting her endeavors in coaching, training, dance, and yoga.  Talk about beauty, strength, talent, and endurance!  So powerful! On a personal note, this was the perfect chance to play around with this very intentional style of lighting and posing and environment.  Photographing the human body and its ability and uniqueness has been an interest of mine for as long as I've been interested in photography (long story), but I've never done it with this dramatic of a look and feel.  Definitely want to do more of this - so fun, empowering, and inspiring - love!

151019 KirbyDance 023-Edit

151019 KirbyDance 005-Edit

151019 KirbyDance 015-Edit

151019 KirbyDance 031-Edit

151019 KirbyDance 046-Edit

151019 KirbyDance 077-Edit