Cryil's 9 month Portraits | New Arrival Collection | Studio Session

  Cy's a busy guy now!  Holy cow, the year flies by!  Here's Cyril for his third portrait installment as part of the New Arrival Collection.  One more session for his first birthday- and it's just around the corner.

Can't get enough Cy?  Check out his 4-month holiday-time portrait sessionin-home newborn portrait session and mom and dad's on location Minneapolis maternity session last year.

150513 CyrilW9mo 017-Edit

150513 CyrilW9mo 020-Edit

150513 CyrilW9mo 024-Edit

150513 CyrilW9mo 026-Edit

150513 CyrilW9mo 037-Edit

150513 CyrilW9mo 057-Edit