Wedding FAQ

What’s a “chapter” and why don’t you do hourly coverage?

A chapter is one portion of your day, such as “getting ready” or “first dance.” I base my collections on chapters instead of hours because it’s a win-win-win: you’re not pressured to rush and squeeze everything into a set number of hours, we can take our time calmly and completely documenting your day, and then your images and book will reflect the most well-crafted portraits and details.

What’s the difference between a “lightly edited” and “finalized/enhanced” image?

info_page_3“Lightly edited” means color corrected and perhaps brightened, cropped, or otherwise slightly adjusted; a “finalized” or “enhanced” image is really spiffed up: eyes brightened, under-eyes lightened, teeth whitened, blemishes and stray hairs removed, skin softened, “Exit” signs or other distractions removed, and so on.  If you have elected to go with a black and white or other full color adjustment for any images, this is when that would be applied.  All adjustments will tastefully enhance but not drastically change the subject, as natural and beautiful is our goal.  All Prints, Canvases, Books, Art Images and other products are fully finalized.

What if the weather is sub-par?

Couple’s Sessions can be rescheduled due to weather.  A rainy wedding is totally fine.  Of course safety and your preferences come first, but I’ll happily send you two out with an umbrella to capture a moody, romantic feel.

What should we winfo_page_2ear to our couple’s session?

Know that all these guidelines can be successfully broken. The key is just be and dress like you!  That said, here are some tips: Avoid distracting or busy colors and patterns, or lots of white.  Coordinate and compliment, but no need to match.  Similar earthy tones are safe, add a pop of color for some flair if you like, and texture is great for black and white images.  Always, always wear something you’re comfortable and feel good in.  Two outfits – one casual and one a bit nicer – is great for variety.

What’s a viewing session?

Viewing sessions are consultations where we’ll look over your images one by one, go through the optional print and product collections, and plan out an order, book design, or the next steps.  These are super helpful for comparing images side-by-side, seeing them in color vs. black and white, and answering all questions.  You’ll receive your digital proofs and online gallery login following the viewing session.

How much time should we allow for “formal” portraits?

This varies depending on your shot list, but is typically about an hour or so.  When you’re ready to set your schedule and shot list, we’ll meet for your Final Consultation.info_page_1

When will I see my wedding images?

We can schedule your wedding viewing session for about six weeks from your wedding if not earlier.

Do you archive all our images, and for how long?

I guarantee file archiving for one year from the date of shooting. Though I would love to keep copies of every photo indefinitely, unfortunately changing and imperfect technology make that tricky.  If you’re interested in long-term archiving, please let me know and we can discuss possibilities. If you have suffered a catastrophic loss of your photo library, please let me know and I will do my best to help.

What’s the photo station all about?

A well-loved wedding element, the photo station is a great way to entertain guests and get some funny and fun images!  Included in some collections and always an optional add on, the photo station opens for two hours, usually during the cocktail hour or reception.  You’re welcome to bring (or delegate someone to bring) costume props, chalk/white boards, or any other items to incorporate.  The images will be in your online gallery, included with your digital collection, and posted on Facebook (unless you prefer otherwise).  We can set up a white backdrop or use an existing wall.  There will be a light and someone manning the camera, so we just need about a 10’x10′ space.

How can I refer and/or review lauren b. photography?

Referrals are the best and most appreciated form of advertising and flattery.  I’m so grateful for your referrals and definitely want the chance to say thank you.  If you can take the time, please write a review on Wedding Wire and/or Yelp – thank you, thank you!