Portraits FAQ

What should we wear to our session?

Know that these are more guidelines than rules. The key is to be yourself and dress like you!  That said, here are some tips: We want to keep the focus on you or the little ones, so avoid distracting or busy colors and patterns.  Go easy on white.  Coordinate and compliment, but no need to match.  Kids can pull off bright, bold colors, but otherwise similar earthy tones are safe.  Add a pop of color for some flair if you like, and texture is great for black and white images.  Always, always wear something you’re comfortable and feel good in.

info_page_7How do I book a session?  What if it rains?

Because session times are limited, we’ll take care of payment when booking to reserve your spot. I accept cash, checks, and most credit cards.  There is a contract/copyright release to sign.  A 24-hour cancellation policy applies.  Rescheduling is possible in case of inclement weather.  Two non-weather-related reschedules are allowed, based on availability.

What time is best?

Whenever everyone is happiest!  Not a morning person or have a baby prone to afternoon naps?  No problem – we’ll schedule accordingly. Avoiding high noon is nice, but not required.  An hour or two before sunset is golden (literally) – but happy and relaxed trumps sunset.  For newborns, aim for a full belly and dry diaper at the beginning of the session.  A sleeping newborn is good, almost preferred actually, as they’re so peaceful and pliable when asleep!

What happens at the session?

I’ll let you know what to do, where to look, etc.  That’s my job!  I’ll help you look amazing and natural, which sometimes means trusting my suggestions and going with the flow.  At the same time, I’m always happy to work with your thoughts and suggestions.  With little ones, it’s best if I try to be the sole attention-getter to start.  You can be near your child or directly behind me to create as little distraction as possible.  I may recruit you to goof around if needed, but we’ll generally start out calm and quiet.

When will the images be ready?info_page_9

1-2 weeks. We can schedule your optional viewing session right away if you prefer.

What’s a viewing session?

Viewing sessions are consultations where we’ll look over your images one by one.  They’re a time to review print and product collections, lay out an order, select a book option, or plan any next steps.  These are super helpful for comparing images side by side, seeing them in color vs. black and white, and answering questions.  You’ll receive your digital negatives and online gallery login following the viewing session.

How does the online gallery work? 

After your viewing session, your images will be available in a password-protected online gallery for one month. This is for viewing, sharing, and ordering. Feel free to invite family and friends to view the gallery, too.

What’s the difference between a “lightly edited” and “finalized/enhanced” image?

“Lightly edited” meinfo_page_5ans color corrected and perhaps brightened, cropped, or otherwise slightly adjusted; a “finalized” or “enhanced” image is really spiffed up: eyes brightened, under-eyes lightened, teeth whitened, blemishes and stray hairs removed, skin softened, Exit signs or other distractions removed, and so on.  If you have elected to go with a black and white or brown-tone adjustment for any images, this is when that would be applied.  All adjustments will tastefully enhance but not drastically change the subject, as natural and beautiful is the goal.  All prints, enlargements, books, Art Images and other products are fully finalized.

Do you archive the images?

I guarantee file archiving for one year from the session date. Though I would love to keep every file indefinitely, unfortunately changing and imperfect technology make that tricky. If you’re interested in long-term archiving, please let me know and we can discuss possibilities. If you have suffered a catastrophic loss of your photo library, please let me know and I will do my best to help.

How can I refer and/or review lauren b. photography?

Referrals are the best compliment and most genuine form of advertising.  I’m so grateful for your referrals and definitely want the chance to say thank you.  If you can take the time, please write a review on Wedding Wire and/or Yelp – thank you, thank you!