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Looking for a wedding photographer in St. Paul, Minnesota?

Whether you are from the St. Paul area or traveling to host a St. Paul wedding, this historic and charming city provides an amazing variety of photo-worthy backdrops, from stunning architectural landmarks to tree-lined streets to quaint brick alleyways. St. Paul’s array of locations set the stage, allowing me to create top-notch wedding and engagement photography for you. Feel free to get in touch via the Contact Form. I would love to meet and learn more about you and the special day you have planned!Weddings 03

St. Paul is rich in photography locations and sights. We’ll choose one that fits your personalities and style.

No matter your style or the look and feel you’re going for, we’ll find it in St. Paul and capture your couple’s session (i.e. engagement portrait session) and/or wedding images.

Popular locations for couple’s sessions and wedding photography in St. Paul are highly sought out for good reason. These include Mears Park and Lowertown, Rice Park and its surrounding James J. Hill Library, Landmark Center, and St. Paul Hotel, Como Park and Conservatory, Grand Avenue, State Fairgrounds, the many parks, and more. There are the classic shots and spots at each of these, but we’ll go above and beyond to make images that are personal, unique, fun, and creative.

The variety and beauty St. Paul provides will be reflected in your wedding images and couple’s session.

It’s easy to capture a lot of looks and get lots of variety in one area or location. I can naturally guide you through a series of shots that are well lit, flatter you as a couple, and look natural and candid at any venue or location. For couple’s sessions, having two locations can provide even more variety, and paired with a second outfit, you will have lots to choose from!

To facilitate the day, we will discuss different factors that may come into play in detail ahead of time, such as the season and weather, time of day, number of people included, location permits, and other factors.

Weddings 55The most important and constant element in photography – the ONLY element at times – is light. Light IS photography – light and shadow and their relationship to one another.

A less-than-ideal background or location with beautiful light exceeds expectations. A very snazzy background with terrible light could be just that: terrible. I use natural light where it exists, and create it where it doesn’t. For your wedding and couple’s session, I’m always “looking for the light” and structuring the location, pose, and vision accordingly. Don’t worry – I’m perfectly comfortable suggesting what to do, where to go, etc. via that “light direction” (or “lite direction”) I talk so much about. All this is happening while we are having fun creating stunning images.

The only enduring elements of your wedding are your memories and your wedding photography.Weddings 17

We all know this, and you have probably heard it before. I’m partial, of course, but it’s also true.  The beautiful flowers wilt, the delicious food consumed, the décor dismantled, the gown boxed up and stored, the guests returned to their daily routines, and all that remains are your memories and your image collection.  A physically substantial and meaningful wedding book showcasing your momentous day will be your first family heirloom. How truly priceless – and a gift you can give yourself over and over!

Choosing and investing in a photographer can feel a bit daunting.

Photographers are not an apples-to-apples comparison. Besides the level of investment, emotion, art, ability, and intuition are all involved. Here are a few of my suggestions:

– Find someone you like to be around.

It may sound crazy but it is possible that you will spend just as much, if not more, time with me as with your fiancé on your wedding day. This is one of a handful of reasons why I include a complimentary couple’s session with every wedding collection – so we can get to know each other on a day that isn’t wedding-filled. There are many other benefits to doing a couple’s session as well! If that’s not in the cards for whatever reason, we will still meet for a Final Consultation and can get acquainted then.

– Choose a professional you can trust to deliver the results you expect.

We have all heard this story: A couple entrusted their wedding photography to a family friend “with a nice camera,” or a just-starting-out acquaintance, or maybe they just went with the photographer within their budget that provided the most bells and whistles, and, for any number of reasons, it didn’t pan out. The outcome can run the gamut between disappointing and devastating. It breaks my heart when I hear this.  Of course there are countless couples whose experience was exactly what they wanted and expected. It’s a risk you must be willing to take. I have a proven track record for quality images, an enjoyable experience, and timely follow through. Photography is my one and only career and both a professional and personal passion.

– Your photographer’s image gallery should speak for itself.

This is self-explanatory, but in short: like what you see. Weddings happen in rain, sun, heat, snowstorms, during the day, at night, inside, outside, in natural light, artificial light, churches and basements and golf clubs and theaters. As a wedding photographer, I am extremely adaptive and versatile as demonstrated by my portfolio. I want you to love your images, and I aim to not only meet but also exceed your expectations.

Weddings 53I am a firm believer that there is a photographer for everyone – and in every budget.

If your wedding photography is one of your top priorities and you think we would be a good fit, I would love to meet you and learn more!

Top Minnesota Wedding Photographer

It’s an honor to be recognized and awarded in the local wedding and event industry.

St. Paul and the greater Twin Cities area are rich with incredibly talented wedding and event professionals.  I’m so grateful to have won the following photography awards:

2014 Best Event Photographer – International Special Events Society Star Awards

2014 Best Wedding Photographer – International Special Events Society Star Awards

2014 Partner of the Year – International Special Events Society Star Awards

2013 & 2012 Best Photography/Video – Minnesota Meetings + Events Readers’ Choice Awards

2013 Best Team Effort – International Special Events Society Star Awards

2010 Up-and-Coming Supplier – Minnesota Meetings + Events Hall of Fame Award

First your wedding photographer, then your family and lifetime photographer!

It’s an absolute honor to be chosen to move from the role as a couple’s wedding photographer to their maternity and baby photographer and/or professional headshot or event photographer.  I relish in making and having clients-turned-friends and clients-for-life.  Your wedding is just the beginning of the celebration and journey!

There’s something about stopping a moment in time that gives me pause.

Weddings 08Here’s where you come in.

I’d be honored to document and play a photographic role on your wedding day and in the months leading up to it. You can rest assured that all the important elements will be captured, and the natural and candid emotion and moments will be preserved. Together, we will over-prepare ahead of time and smoothly go with the flow on the day – so you can enjoy and live in every moment.

Please reach out if you would like to learn more or are ready to set up a consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!

Other photography areas of expertise:

  • Maternity Portraits
  • Newborn Photography
  • Baby & Child Portraits
  • Family Session
  • Senior Portraits
  • Boudoir Photography
  • Actor, Corporate, and Business Professional Headshots
  • Event Photography
  • Photo Stations or “Step & Repeat” Backdrops
  • Commercial Photography
  • Theater Press Shots and Rehearsal/Dress Rehearsals
  • Fine Art/Commission Work

Outside St. Paul and the Twin Cities Metro area:Couples 17vert

Wherever your wedding or event is taking place, I’m happy to travel. Just let me know what you’re thinking (I’m available for travel worldwide).

If you’re located elsewhere, no problem! We can “meet” and consult via video chat – it’s great to put a face with a name and email address!

I know this can be a busy, exciting (and perhaps a little overwhelming) time. I am happy to help along the way with scheduling suggestions, other vendor recommendations, and so on. I’d love to capture your special moments as your wedding photographer!

Thanks for visiting!