Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Mini Sessions | Minneapolis Studio Portraits

The Mother’s Day and Father’s Day mini session special this spring was a hoot!  It’s the first time I’ve done one for these holidays (did Halloween minis last year – the costumes, so fun!) and I’ll definitely repeat for next year.
These were 20 minute portrait sessions in the Northeast Minneapolis studio, with an online gallery and 20 lightly edited 4×6 proofs, plus an optional viewing session with 20% off orders.  We had everything from maternity to baby to adult children with their parents, plus a three-generations session.
These sessions were meant to celebrate the important people in our lives, for any reason: a surprise portrait for your spouse, gifting your parent with a session, having portraits taken with your child, an easy excuse for a current family portrait, or capturing all the joys of fur babies!
Growing up, I can remember just one family portrait, and while my mom diligently had my sisters’ and my individual portraits done yearly, we don’t have any others with her or each other (until I got old enough to make it happen myself).  So what better excuse to give your future-adult children images to look back on?  Parents and grandparents, jump in too (even for just one or two shots!).  They’ll be glad you did.  *steps off box labeled “Soap”
And, now, some highlights!

170415 BeardMini 009-Edit

170415 BeardMini 017-Edit

170415 HallMini 008-Edit

170415 HallMini 015-Edit

170415 WangduMini 011-Edit

170415 WangduMini 016-Edit

170419 HallMini 021-Edit

170419 HallMini 033-Edit

170419 HallMini 038-Edit

170419 SjodinMini 001-Edit

170419 SjodinMini 012-Edit

170419 SjodinMini 014-Edit

170429 FahlsingMini 004-Edit

170429 FahlsingMini 012-Edit

170429 FosterDeweyMini 003-Edit

170429 FosterDeweyMini 019-Edit

170429 JokimakiMini 005-Edit

170429 JokimakiMini 020-Edit

170429 NuthalsMini 018-Edit

170429 NuthalsMini 020-Edit

170429 OriogunMini 008-Edit

170429 OriogunMini 018-Edit

170429 OriogunMini 019-Edit

170429 VlasakMini 003-Edit

170429 VlasakMini 013-Edit