Minneapolis Headshots Portraits | In Studio & On Location

It’s springtime – is it time for a fresh new headshot to kick off the new year?  This big blog post is full of headshots portraits, in and around Minneapolis, both in studio and on location.

There are session options perfect for both individuals and businesses or groups.  In studio session options include a quick and easy mini session, or a full length session for multiple outfits and looks.  Options for multiple people and groups involve setting up at your workplace or event.  I’m available to travel as well.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Multiple team/member/employee headshots at your work location.  At an office, etc., employees get a very quick headshot session (anywhere from 2-10 minutes) in front of a white backdrop, and can choose their favorite image for finalization from a handful of options in an online gallery.
  • As promotion for an event on site.  Organizers offer attendees a complimentary headshot at their convention, summit, or event.  The complimentary headshot is used either as incentive for people to attend an event, or as an added value item.
  • Individual one-on-one headshots in studio or on location.  For anyone (actors, professionals, anyone really) wanting a more individual one-on-one experience in my natural-light NE Mpls. studio, options include a 20 minute mini session or hour-long full session with multiple outfits and a larger online gallery to choose from.  These individual sessions can also be on location in per your preference.

Whether it’s for social media, for a consistent look across the company website and business materials, or for added value at an event, I’m a firm believer that everyone should present a professional first impression.

Take a peek at all these sessions below, a mix of all the various options.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out for a fresh, updated, professional headshot today!  Thank you!


Allie, for her career as a recruiter, and promoting her photography work – a combination of true headshots and lifestyle image.160813 AllieBHsts 014-Edit

160813 AllieBHsts 034-Edit

160813 AllieBHsts 082-Edit

160813 AllieBHsts 092-Edit

160813 AllieBHsts 119-Edit

Law Students and Staff, “Meet the Bar” event by Minnesota State Bar Association170315 MsbaMH 186-Edit

170228 MsbaUST 075-Edit

170228 MsbaUST 165-Edit

170228 MsbaUST 191-Edit

170228 MsbaUST 245-Edit

JoAnne, for her consulting business170111 JoAnneHst 012-Edit

170111 JoAnneHst 039-Edit

Mike, for LinkedIn and his company’s website
170301 MikeOHsts 005-Edit

170301 MikeOHsts 026-Edit
Halyna, for an updated business headshot170111 HalynaHst 017-Edit

170111 HalynaHst 018-Edit

Joanna, Chelsey, and Rachel from The Loft Salon on Lake & Lyndale in Uptown160728 LoftSalon 018-Edit

160728 LoftSalon 036-Edit

161018 RachelLoft 012-Edit

Ron, updated business headshots, tie/no tie and glasses/no glasses added variety and options160811 RonSHsts 018-Edit

160811 RonSHsts 029-Edit

Deb, Global Executive Director at GE, for business purposes160804 DebGEHsts 019-Edit

160804 DebGEHsts 025-Edit

Farrah, for her salon Ginger Hair Studio160513 EllaS10mo 104-Edit

Andrew, for his officiant profile with Affordable I Do’s160511 AndrewHsts 018-Edit

Kristin, for her realtor business160629 KristinO 025-Edit

160629 KristinO 039-Edit

RBC staff, updating headshots, on white backdrop with mobile studio lighting160930 RBCHsts 036-Edit

160930 RBCHsts 046-Edit

160930 RBCHsts 127-Edit

Linda, updating professional headshots, at the studio with natural light161216 LindaNHsts 009-Edit

161216 LindaNHsts 017-Edit