Jacob & Abigail Proposal | St. Anthony Main

A proposal in action at St. Anthony Main in Minneapolis – what an amazing moment to photograph!  Jacob led his girlfriend Abigail through a fun-filled day with her cousin before meeting her at a hotel… for a horse drawn carriage ride right through St. Anthony Main… where they took this little stroll.  My assistant Jenny and I were in on the plan and ready, stealthy, near the theater.  After total surprise and excitement and “Yes,” Abigail figured out Jacob had arranged a photographer for just this moment, too (no pressure, right?!).  We made ourselves known, and took portraits and cruised around the area and the theater – Abigail’s favorite place in Minnesota – before parting ways.

But for Abigail the surprise continued.  She thought they were there to see a movie.  Jacob suggested they grab a drink beforehand at a brewery nearby… where he had a surprise engagement party ready and waiting!  Wow, talk about an elaborate, incredible proposal!  Congrats you two and thank you so much for letting me play a small part of the surprise!

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